Current Line up:

Vocals - Thor
Guitar - Jason
Bass - Rev. Harlem Watts
Drums - Nathan

Past Members:

Rob Huber - Guitar 2009-2011
Tony Terrazaz - Bass 2009
Rich Pelligrino - Bass 2009
Phil "Louie" Goodyear - Drums 2009-2011, 2013
Nick Damian - Vocals 2009-2014
Dan Wingfield - Vocals 2014-2015
Chris Littlefield - Drums 2011, 2013-2015



From the beginning,

Chapter 1

Back in 1983 Guitarist Jason Ng and Drummer Phil "Louie" Goodyear, met through a mutual friend and later decided to start a band.
Starting out as a garage band with Kip and Bob and a one gig show in the Sunset District... Phil and Jason later moved on and joined up with
Rich Pellegrino in a trucking garage, they forged memories but never found a singer. Times change and things come to an end, but as time
rolled on Phil went on to drum for Love Kills Love. In 2009 several years after the disbandment of LKL, Jason & Phil got together to form a new
project. This is the beginning of Face the Pain! This projects intent was to combine the energy of punk with the heaviness of thrash metal.
Joined by bassist Tony Terrazas in the beginning but things changed and Tony had to move away just as they found a singer. Nick Damian
came into the picture to fill the Vocals position. Shortly after a brief search for a new bass player they brought in bassist Rich Pellegrino,
Rich had history with Jason and Phil as they played in a previous project that never got off the ground. As material was written over the next
several months the search for a rhythm guitarist began. This position was filled by Rob Huber. After a short run of gigs on August 2011 saw
the end of Face the Pain as it was conflict split the band apart with the departure of Rich, Phil & Rob... a new chapter begins...

Chapter 2

Jason and Nick being the new main core and writing force behind this group carried on. And so began the search. Joining Jason and Nick
first was Eric Bailey aka Reverend Harlem Watts (formerly of Soul Broker & Kills the Pain) Jason met Eric during Phil's time in the east bay punk
scene. Jason knew after hearing Eric's thunderous bass that he was the one. It was just a matter of timing and it came to pass lightning struck
with the split of Soul Broker. Eric had stopped in to check out Face the Pain's last show with Rich, Phil & Rob, He liked what he heard and an
alliance was formed. Next Chris Littlefield (Autumnize) was brought in to fill the drummer position Chris and Nick played together in Autumnize
so Nick knew of Chris' potential and brought him into the project. After a few shows some difficulties arose and Chris departed from the band.
2013 Marked the return of Phil "Louie" Goodyear on drums. With the original drummer back on the throne Face the Pain forges on. But once
again after a few shows in June 2013 for his reasons Phil parted again from Face the Pain. August 2013 Chris Littlefield returns on drums. With
Chris on drums Face the Pain is back on track more songs are written.

Chapter 3
2014 Nick had to move away and the search begins again this time for a new singer. After several try outs Dan Wingfield stepped in on vocals,
but after one show... things did not work out and another search began...

Fast Forward 2015 after several months Thor stepped in to fill the Vocal position, but just as things felt good again Chris departed yet again leaving
FTP drummerless... but after a brief search, In January 2016 Nathan MacKerron stepped in to fill in on drums. Now strong as ever FTP is set to hit
the studio September 2017

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area
Face The Pain has a sound all their own. All together brutal, melodic and very energetic. Face The Pain lays down fast paced grooves with brutal vocals and relentless aggression

Jason uses - Fireplant Guitars


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